My heart hurts today...
He went home last night at 8:00 and she followed at 12:45.

My coworker's 11 month old son lost his fight last night and the doctors and family don't even know why. He had a random seizure Tuesday night, progressed to a coma and brain bleed Wednesday, and died on Thursday. How does a healthy, happy baby go from perfect to gone in three days? I have only tasted the pain that this young mother is feeling right now and I just learned that there is an abuse investigation pending. Please keep this family in your prayers.

My husband's Granny also passed away last night after a long struggle in the hospital. We were saddened by the news but also relieved because she was through fighting. She was welcomed home by her husband, daughter, great-granddaughter and countless others whose lives she blessed during her life here. My husband said that she was kind of our first messenger to carry our love to Raelyn and he was comforted by the fact that they would be together.

Last night, I also learned of the distinct (almost inevitable) possibility that someone from my past will be entering my future. When I knew this person before, this person made me feel like I was not good enough for God to use me, speak to me, or be with me. I went through a very dark and lonely time spiritually and although now I know better and I don't believe those lies, I am still very non-excited about this person's reentry into my life.

My heart hurts today...


Julie said...

Hi Dana, I pray for peace for Sawns parents right now. The scripture you posted fits perfectly. I am so sad that there have been so many babies and children lost. Your co-workers are fortunate to have such a compassionate soul amongst them. Whenever I have to face a difficult person or situation I take comfort in knowing that I can hide behind Jesus and thats OK. I hope this person has changed since you last met. Blessings, Julie