What would life be like?

What does a five month old baby look like?

What would she be doing now?

Would she be sitting up and smiling at me?

Would we be looking for her first tooth?

Would she have enough hair to put a little bow in?

Would she be trying to crawl?

Would she already love Grandma and Nana and PawPaw and Pops and Grams?

Would she have slept through her first fireworks like her mama did?

All I know is that the hole she left is huge and the love I have for her is even bigger than that.
Some days the hardest part is not even knowing what I am missing.


Googies Girl said...

Those are the toughest question I ask myself everyday. Being that we don't have other children, I feel the exact same way. I don't even know what I'm missing. My friend had her healthy baby 3 weeks before Emma was due. We have an example of what we should have, and it's very, very hard. Our friendship has suffered because of our loss. I just can't handle it & she "somewhat" understands.

Nothing but hugs and love for you today!! ((((HUGS)))

Thank you for the heartfelt comment you left for me several days ago. You are always in my prayers.


Shannon said...

I have no words. I just want you to know I am thinking of you and praying for you. (hugs)

Danielle said...

So sorry for your loss... I wonder if we will ever stop asking the what if's. Praying for you. xxx

Laura said...

So very well said- now I wonder what his favorite ice cream flavor would be? What his laughter would sound like... Unfortunately those wonderings don't really ever end- not entirely- Thinking of you on your journey- wishing you peace!
Laura D.