Under the Tree


A fun Under the Tree/Get to Know You for June:

Hair Color: red--not carrot top, but more burnished copper

Eye color: green/brown

Profession: pharmacy technician

Relationship status: Married

Favorite color: anything bright

Favorite movie: The Phantom of the Opera, The Little Mermaid (always has been and always will be)

Favorite animal: I've always wanted to hug a panda...

Favorite store: Target

Favorite childhood memory: making homemade Blizzards at Grandma's house

Favorite hobby: sleeping, music, movies, reading

Favorite song/singer: "Broken Hallelujah" by Mandisa, "Revelation Song" by Christ for the Nations, "I'm Singing" by Kari Jobe, "Arise" by Chris Sligh... just to name a few.

Favorite book/author: right now... The Shack. Ask me again tomorrow and it will be different!

Favorite school subject: science

Favorite vacation destination: My husband and I have always wanted to go to Australia!

Favorite food: chicken fried rice

Favorite restaurant: Depends on my mood, but I could eat at Chick-fil-A just about any time!

Coke or pepsi : Coke, all the way

Beer or wine: nope

Coffee or tea: I like a little coffee with my cream and sugar.

Apple Juice or O.J.: apple juice

Summer or Winter: Winter! I hate being hot. There are only so many articles of clothing you can remove before someone starts to stare...

Cats or dogs: Dogs

Salty or sweet: Sweet... or salty... or sweet and salty...

Plane or boat: plane--I love to fly!

Morning or night: neither!

Money or love: Love

Breakfast or dinner: all of the above

Forgiveness or revenge: Forgiveness

House or apartment: house (although sometimes I wish it was an apartment because then someone else would be responsible for repairs.)

Like to cook: nope, just like to eat!

Have You Ever:

Got a speeding ticket: Yes (60 in a 45 in a construction zone!!!)

Wished you were someone else: At times, but when I see the things in my life that couldn't exist if I wasn't me, I wise up and learn to be content with myself.

Cried during a movie: yup!

Describe yourself in one word: Loved

Biggest fear: I can't bear to write this one down.

Biggest mistake: running away from my purpose

Your proudest accomplishment: walking in grace, although I didn't accomplish anything to get here!

Dream job: I always wanted to sing, but I am afraid of speaking in public!

Special talents: I love to sing.

Where would you rather be at the moment: home, asleep in my bed

Famous person you want to meet: at the moment... either Mandisa or Steven Curtis Chapman

Song to be played at your funeral: "You Wouldn't Cry for Me Today" by Mandisa--I hope every word of it is true!


Rebekah said...

I love Phantom!! My husband and I danced to 'All I ask of you' at our wedding :)

Holly said...

I love Phantom of the Opera. I've loved it since grade school. I haven't seen the movie but I've seen it in person twice and it is just AMAZING! I'd love to see it again.

Carly Marie said...


I wish I loved to fly! I so feel like chicken fried rice now x

Thank you so much for taking part x

Rikki said...

I have always said the same thing about summer vs winter with the clothing. haha. I also love to watch little mermaid. xx

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

I love The Little Mermaid, too!!! I like the word you used to describe yourself...Loved. And, your greatest accomplishment. It was fun learning more about you! Blessings to you, dear friend...

Donna said...

I just recently finished The Shack. It really made me think.

Googies Girl said...

WINTER!!! I think Texas Summers are brutal! My favorite are the 5-7 days of Spring & Fall we have.

I am just starting to read The Shack. The author was just here in my hometown to talk about the book. And I missed it! Dang it! My boss went and said it/he was truly amazing!

Oh, And I love Mandisa also!!

It was great getting to know you better! I love these kind of things! I am going to add myself to your followers!


Anonymous said...

mmm homemade blizzards!! That sounds delicious!