Wonderful Songs

I bought the latest release from Mandisa yesterday and her songs really spoke to my heart. With song titles like "He is With You" "Broken Hallelujah" and "You Wouldn't Cry", the songs have to be powerful.  (This is not a promotion of any kind--this music just helped lift some of the funk.)  I cannot find any of the music online yet so I will let some of my favorite lyrics speak for themselves.

This first song is an affirmation to me that my God walks with me not only in the middle of the storm that I am facing, but also when I am screaming at Him or when I have turned my face away.

He is With You

He is with you when your faith is dead
And you can't even get out of bed
Or your husband doesn't kiss you anymore
He is with you when your baby's gone
And your house is still and your heart's a stone
Cryin' God, what'd you do that for
He is with you

He is with you in the conference room
When the world is coming down on you
And your wife and kids don't know you anymore
He is with you in the ICU
When the doctors don't know what to do
And it scares you to the core
He is with you

This song brought tears to my eyes while simultaneously lifting my heart from the depths.  It is hard for me to walk forward to the throne of God--the most wonderful, beautiful, perfect God of the universe--when all I have to offer is brokenness.  I know that is all He asks of me, but it breaks my heart to know that even the good gifts that he has given me are covered by feelings and emotions causing them to be impure sacrifices to Him.  Sometimes I feel that I cannot even give Him my best because it is so inadequate.  So not true...

Broken Hallelujah

When all that I can sing
Is a broken hallelujah
When my only offering
Is shattered praise
Still a song of adoration
Will rise up from these ruins
I will worship You and give You thanks
Even when my only praise
Is a broken hallelujah

This last song caused those tears to stream freely down my cheeks, but these were tears of peace and joy.  This song was meant to be written from the perspective of one of her friend's stillborn son Andrew.

You Wouldn't Cry

All you saw was pain
All you saw was rain
But you should see me now
Moments filled with tears
Lasted all those years
Disappeared somehow
You never said goodbye
On your knees you cry
You're still asking why, but

Blue has never been bluer
True has never been truer
Honey never tasted so sweet
There's a song in the breeze
A million voices in praise
A rose has never smelled redder
The sun has never been brighter
If I could find the right words to say
If you could look at my face
If you could just see this place
You wouldn't cry for me today

What you think you see
Isn't really me
I'm already home
You've got to lay it down
'Cause Jesus holds me now
And I am not alone
Your faith is wearing thin
But I am watching Him
And He's holding you too

This picture of Heaven is a comfort to me and I hope it encourages you as well.


Julie said...

Those lyrics are so right. I am going to see where I can buy this music.
Brokenness is all I can offer Him. Thankfully He came for the broken.
These lines are so encouraging to me,
" 'Cause Jesus holds me now
And I am not alone
Your faith is wearing thin
But I am watching Him
And He's holding you too"