My Marley

Since I've historically (for the last two weeks) been a real downer here on my blog, I thought I'd introduce you to Marley...ahem... Selah.

Selah is an almost-two-years-old Lab/Husky mix that we've had since she was a puppy. See next picture to see why we had to bring her home with us.

See next picture to see why sometimes we'd like to give her back! That was my pillow that she destroyed and yes, she is laughing at me.

Selah loves cheese, steak, and car rides (and Grandma's house) but hates 'bye-bye' and baths. She routinely forgets how big she has gotten and loves to sit in your lap. She will also lick any and every part of you she can reach. She has the meanest bark I've ever heard/seen (see below) but she gets scared of her own shadow.

Here, she and Chloe (my mom's dog) were 'speaking' for a treat. Can you imagine what she might have done if I hadn't given it to her? Oh yeah, just licked me to death. She can be a good dog when she wants to be but she has apparently picked up some bad habits somewhere.

(That's really a rawhide 'chewie bone' not a stogie! Oh, and please disregard background in all of these pictures...I know it's a mess)
Anyway, we love her... most of the time. She's our Selah/Marley.